college, Young ADULTS, and Single  groups

Our groups for college students, young adults, and singles provide opportunities for worship, fellowship, and reaching our community with the Gospel.

All groups meet on Sunday mornings at the time and location specified.   

College  (18-22) - For college students between the ages of 18 and 22

Teachers: Brian Tavormina and Ronnie Williams
Meets at 9:30 in  Ed Building 5, Room 2

Young Adults (22-30) - For young adults ages 22 to 30

Teachers: Rick Frain and Gray Johnson
Meets at 9:30 in  Ed Building 2, Room 3B-C

Singles (30+) - For singles ages 30 to 50

Teacher: Paul Sweat
Meets at 9:30 in Worship Center 1, Room 224

Singles (40+) - For singles ages 40 and over

Teachers: David and Terri Brooks
Meets at 10:58 in Worship Center 1, Room 224
Members of our Guest Services team can help you find your class or you can click below to access our campus map.