Mission & Vision

Love Him, Tell Them

Our Mission

Our Mission is the same mission that Jesus gave his followers:  Make Disciples

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see disciples grow in love for God and in passion for making His love known to others

Our Discipleship Process 

Being a disciple means being a follower of Jesus Christ. Our discipleship process is a way for all who attend Hibernia Baptist Church to be involved in all four elements of discipleship and grow in their walk with the Lord. 


All believers should be involved in worship, both corporate and  personal. Worship happens all throughout our week as we seek to honor God. Then we gather on Sundays to worship together.


Believers are not alone but part of an authentic community founded in Christ. We provide opportunities for you to live in community with others through our Bible Study Groups.


Just as Jesus served others, so we as believers should do our best to follow his example. All believers are uniquely gifted and we want to help you find a place where you can  serve .


Being a disciple means that we follow the Great Commission - sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Through missions there is that opportunity to reach the world with the Good News!