vbs at hibernia

June 10th-14th

8:45 am -12:30 pm
For Kids 5 years old (by Sept. 1) through completed Sixth Grade
NOTE: If your child is in 4th-6th Grade, please review the Tracks below before registering! 
We need your help! If you wish to volunteer, sign up below!
We also need your prayer! Here is a calendar to be praying along with us. 

VBX  Tracks (for kids in 4th-6th Grade)

Encounters in Photography

Come and learn some basic photography skills while learning all about Jesus and His encounters while on Earth. Your student will be provided a disposable camera. Please bring a water bottle and sunscreen due to some time being outside to capture their snapshots.

Creation Encounters

Explore creation and fossils, all while learning about what God has done with His beautiful Earth. Discover the size of the Ark and other amazing encounters of creation! Please bring a water bottle and sunscreen because some lessons will be outside.

In the Wild Music and Drama

Learn all about music theory and acting as your imagination soars through the music and story of In the Wild, Encountering Jesus! Please bring a water bottle.

Navigating the Wild

See where this adventure takes you as you learn basic survival skills and use a compass to get there! Your student will learn to geocache as well as Navigate through life with Jesus! Please wear long pants, closed toe shoes, bring a water bottle and sunscreen because your student will spend at least 1 hour outside.